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I have always known the existence of the unseen world.  The one that we can tune into with a flick of our consciousness.    They have been knocking on my door from a young age.   Things moving around me, smells, sounds, people that suddenly disappear or seem to walk through walls.   For the most part I have just got on with my human life.  I have had some exceptional experiences which you can read about in my blogs......but for the majority of my life it was just an underground part of me. 

But they grew louder and louder, until they could no longer be ignored or put aside.  It was time to allow the other world to teach me.   Once I opened up to it, they have grabbed hold of me and led me down a path of discovery, truth and love.   I continue to learn alongside world renown mediums to further my development because as a medium we never stop evolving.

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Another Passion of mine is writing.   I tell more of my story and spooky experiences in my blog.   I also love to write with my "team", you will find this in the inspired writing section.  

My Logo depicts the spiral for the trance state I use for my healing.  

The three gold lines is shown to me by my guides to reassure me that the energy is flowing, once I have removed myself from the process.

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