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Poetry & Inspired Writing

I love to connect to my team and see what flows.

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Coincidently this picture represents our house.  We have a two storey blue house with a red door with a fruit tree to the right out front and a huge gum tree out back.


Nestled in between an idea and an outcome

The desire to grow the idea from humble beginnings

A seed becomes a seedling with love bestowed upon it

Following the sun as you follow your passions

Ideas bearing fruit and evolving

Deep roots growing to be master of all things

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Shiny Objects

The old man soothing a plump and gurgling baby.  A rickety old chair rocking on the back porch.  Squeak. Squeak.   A yard full of car skeletons, broken toys, and overgrown hedges. 

His wife clanging in the kitchen.   Hollering at the dogs.  Children chasing dogs, dogs chasing children. 

The twinkle in the Grandfathers eyes.


The middle aged man driving his latest upgrade.  Wind blowing in his hair, steering through the bends.  Blinded by the reflection of the sun bouncing off his car. 

Pulls into his garage.  His housekeeper has prepared his dinner.    His footsteps reverberating through the quiet house. 

He pours himself a drink, ice clanking.   He reaches for his phone. Sighs……….  and places it back down.  


Our family legacy, passed down through the generations is the “gift”.  The gift to see beyond the here and now to the souls of the past.

Our legacy is also secrecy passed down through the generations.

Not a word was spoken.   Families living in ignorance of those that were among them.   The fear of ridicule and persecution.   Tight lips.  Spirits ignored.   Dark Rooms.  Whispers.

Our family legacy is also bravery.  Poured from one cup to the next.   Growing bigger until the “gift” can no longer be contained.

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Screen Shot 2022-08-28 at 11.38.56 AM part 4 questions.png

The Seeker

Why do we go outside of ourselves for our answers?  

We all have our own inner counsel.  The wise old man, the ancient healer, the Magician, the Seer.  They are within all of us.   How many times have we been “told” something we have always known, it is just a remembering.   A lifting of the veil.

Ask your questions to yourself, to the universe, to the team that sits on upon your shoulder or the all knowing team in your heart and mind.  The truth, your truth, is the only truth. 


Look deep inside.   We are all manufactured.

The grandma toiling in the kitchen, making a simple meal for her family, listening intently to the children as they ask her questions.    The knowledge of wise years being passed on to eager young ears.  

Her work ethic, her mannerisms, her outlook on life are all being absorbed into deeper parts of young minds.  

These young minds are influenced by their environment.   They learn, they grow.  They become the mini versions of those around them.

They will in time develop their own opinions and thoughts but their morals and their deepest part of them is already well formed.  Shine a light on these young ones and help mould the future generations.

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Screen Shot 2022-08-28 at 11.36.42 AM hidden agenda.png

Hidden Agendas

The rose between two thorns

Hidden agendas, Hidden egos

The insecure, the jealous

Quietly sabotaging the bloom

Blocking out the sunshine

Rerouting the water

Till the petals start wilting and drop


The bloom between two buds

Radiating their goodness

Sharing the light

Rich with nourishment

Holding the buds up

Till the day they too bloom radiantly

Healthy egos and healthy hearts

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