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Are you ready to
 walk alongside the unseen world?


My name is Sharon Stewart

I provide stepping stones to know and feel the unseen world through healing, communication and guidance from the spiritual world.

I work with the spirit world as an inbetween or "medium" to bring through what is most needed in your life.  I aim to be the medium that YOU need.

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What is Trance Healing?

Introductory Prices

All sessions are done remotely via zoom. Please contact me for any personal queries.

Disclaimer - whilst energy healing can be an effective healing modality it does not replace professional medical healthcare advice.

Jean AR

“Sharon Stewart has a beautiful gift that she has been fine tuning to give you the most powerful healing session that is custom designed just for you.  I am transported to a magical, peaceful space where all of my senses are immersed in a peaceful, compassionate, loving presence. I am floating in joy and peace afterwards. 

Mary S

"I have had several sessions with Sharon and her guides. It is quite an experience to sit and watch how she works with her guides and appreciate how they are working with me. I was able to think about the session and revisit their instructions while sitting quietly afterwards.  Sharon is honest and speaks plainly which I appreciate."

Sarah OT

" It was so relaxing to sit in the energy of her healing guides and for several weeks after I felt very lifted in my moods, emotions, and more patient with situations.  Sharon also passed on specific information she felt afterwards that applied to minor physical issues I was experiencing at the time. ”

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