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Trance Healing, What's that?

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

So to begin, what is Trance? How did I come across this?

Trance is an altered state of consciousness. Not going to get all scientific on you so lets just say it is between a deep meditation and sleep. There are also different levels of trance - from really deep with no memory recall through to lighter trance. One of the states I also work in I call it being "entranced" where the guide will step in and influence what I am saying, basically speak through me while being in a relatively normal state. This happens to me also during some mediumship readings when I have a strong connection. I just start babbling on with no thought to what really is coming out of my mouth. Its not my words.

This all sounds a bit freaky, a bit "are you sure you haven't lost your marbles again?"

No, its all quite normal. I have found a new underground world of people out there in the spooky world as one of my tutors calls it.

i fell across it by chance or probably more correctly it was placed in my path and highly influenced by my Guide. I was meditating one day, having a little chat to Angela, asking a few questions. Then the weirdest thing started to happen. I could feel her presence blending with me.

This was the start of my curiosity with Trance. My deeper experience with my guides. There is more to this story but I leave you in suspension for another day. I promised to spill the beans about Trance Healing so I will zoom in on that now.

Trance healing is energy healing done whilst I am in a trance state. The healing is carried out my healing guides. It can be physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, or energy healing. My team and the sitters team have a little pow wow and work out what is going to be most beneficial for them.

There are different methods of Trance Healing. Some do a hands on approach and are involved in the healing or have surgeons as healing guides. The method I use and most resonate with is where I am completely removed from the process then just pop back in at the end to get an update on what went on. I am just the vessel.

So, I have a healing room which is up a set of stairs on a plateau. I meet my healer guide up there in a semi-trance state. He gets the energy flow going and I can feel the power of it. Then I introduce my client into the equation so the healing energy then is all reflected to them. The moment this happens, I no longer can feel it. The healing energy is coming direct from "Source", or whatever you refer to it as, and not through a third person (me) so can be a much more effective way of healing.

Whilst this goes on, I take myself off to my rock pool. This is my imaginary place I designed to meet my gatekeeper guide. Here I go into a deeper trance state. The deeper I can go and not interfere, the better the healing becomes. When the guides are drawing the healing to a conclusion they call me with a strange almost hiccup in my breathing. This is my cue to head back up to the plateau to get the run down on what has happened.

My healer guide will then usually do a scan through the body with me showing where the blockages were or where he has performed some physical healing. Every person is unique in regards to what has happened. I have witnessed him pulling trauma out of a client, recycling emotions and washing them to return as memories, working on the ovaries and feminine power of someone that hasn't had children, working on the heart with waves of energy radiating out. It is never the same. It is always for the highest good of the client.

He always uses a vortex of swirling energy at the end and the healing does not finish until I can no longer feel any nuances or blocks in the flow.

At this time, the healer guide will sometimes speak to the client through me or he will relay messages for me to pass on. Once again, the hiccup breathing is my cue to return back down the plateau and back to normal consciousness.

What happens to the person being healed? They just sit quietly with their eyes closed and usually they are taken down in to a deep state by the guides. All of them can feel the energy, some have visions, some have visitations, some can feel the works being performed on their bodies and I'm sure a couple of them have nodded off ;-)

What is consistent, is that every time I come out and describe what I have been told or seen it always relates to what the client has experienced. So far my team has been able to help people with physical ailments, to move past emotional issues, to gain some spiritual insights and so much more.

The feedback I am getting is remarkable and encourages me to continue on. I am blessed to be able to help others.

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1 Comment

Jun 14, 2023

I love the detail in this description of Sharon's Trance Healing. As a recipient of Sharon's healings it takes the mystery out of what for some people may seem scary but is actually very comforting. The fact Sharon is able to describe so accurately what you were feeling during the healing is amazing, indeed a wonderful gift she shares.

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