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A message delivered!

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Becoming a medium is all about trust. Believing in what you are receiving no matter how ridiculous it may seem and passing it on to the sitter. It could be wrong, making you look like an absolute twat but you just have to go for it. Sometimes the connection is so strong that you just know.

Recently I was doing a reading for a mentor, Tama. He is a practicing Psychic Medium and has been assisting our little group of Aussie and Kiwi girls as we learn. More often than not he is just instilling a belief in ourselves.

I am not sure of the Maori word for him – but his knowledge and wisdom is passed down from his descendants. I’ll call him a Wise Man because he is all that and more.

So…. the story begins.

The first spirit that came through was his bright and bubbly sister. She told me she used to drag him around by his ear when he was misbehaving but she could never get angry with him because of his cheeky grin. She was responsible for his upbringing, and looking after him. She showed me a triangle, one of the musical ones you would use at school and was using the stick to ring all three sides. She was full of love.

She showed me a hut. It was a small hut in the wilderness and had a thatched like roof. She said he used to go there as a child. No other children were there just him with the adults. She then drifted away and I was literally grabbed by an older man, Tama’s grandfather.

He took me on a journey, literally my whole body was moving as we went along. I was describing to Tama everything I was seeing. (When I say seeing, my clairvoyance is not a strong point, so I don’t actually see images. Its hard to describe but I just know what I am seeing or feel what I am seeing).

He took me to the top of a mountain and then sat down on a log. I asked him what he was doing and he said, you should know. I’m like nope, don't know, so I asked Tama. He just said he was a teacher. Yes, so then the image came to me of him sitting there on the log telling stories to people sitting in front of him.

Next I saw a large white bird with wings out. It was flying away from me. I had seen this bird in a previous reading with another student but couldn’t remember what it was called. Tama let me know it was a white heron, a renowned bird in Maori mythology.

From there, his grandfather took me down a valley to a river. The river was lined with round rocks that felt very special. I’m not sure why but they seemed significant. Tama asked me if they were green but I couldn’t make it out.

Then a canoe appeared. It wasn’t very big and it was wooden with the front adorned with something that looked like cane – but wasn’t. It was flat bottomed with no seats.

We jumped in the canoe and were heading down the river. It was very calm and peaceful. We followed the current down the river and it started to speed up. Suddenly we were at the top of a waterfall in the canoe. I still felt no panic. Tama’s grandfather yelled at me “JUMP!”

I burst out laughing! I knew then, that this whole story was a message for me. Looking at Tama he had that same cheeky grin. He had known that all along.

I have asked Tama to write a bit about his perception of the reading……

“Teia is my older sister who looked after me for mum. Teia reminded me that things come in 3 triangle, frequency, music and rhythm (singing and dancing).

I was the second to last child of 10 in Maoridom, the gifted one. I was taught our ways in huts and other places in the mind. Te wairoa, my grandfather, was a master of all knowledge in this world and all others.

When he held you and began your journey into this world of knowledge, he opened you to all possibility, Kotuku, the never-ending quest, to be taught and learn sitting upon a log telling stories to you as well.

Waka (canoe) is you already moving. You have made your choice wakarere.”

This reading is one I will never forget and I am now privileged to have Te wairoa walk beside me in life.

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