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Raining Gold

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Lesley had been suffering headaches, fogginess and struggling with her eyesight. Before our session, it had got so bad that she didn’t know if she would be able to drive home. This had been going on for over a fortnight and had been worrying her, of course presuming the worst.

Our session started as usual with me setting the intention with my guides to help Lesley with her symptoms.

I was able to go in to the trance state quite quickly as per usual and then that is when the “usual” went out the window. Once I ascended the stairs to get to my healing plateau, my healing guide wasn’t there but I could feel an unfamiliar male energy instead. I did my usual, feel for unconditional love, before connecting and blending with the new guide. Its always important to do this as I don’t want to be connecting to any mischievous or malevolent spirits.

I could feel the energy start flowing. This is when I usually remove myself from the healing and chill out at my imaginary rockpool with my gatekeeper guide. But seeing as this was all happening very differently, I wanted to make sure that the healing was happening. My healing guide normally shows me the three gold lines to indicate that the energy was working. I asked to see this and he said “No, I don’t do that”.

I was on the verge of pulling out of the healing as I didn’t want to look like a dummy just sitting there with nothing happening. He assured me it would all be okay. I could feel I was going down dark tunnels twisting and turning. I asked what was going on, and he said we are inside Lesleys head and we are clearing it all out. We ended up behind her eye and was shown looking out of it.

Right at that time, gold energy came rushing in like it was raining sideways. It was powerful and I could feel it lasered in on her head and eye area. I could feel it through my body and my eyes had started flickering like crazy. It was unbelievable and not something I had experienced before. I could almost feel deep guttural sounds – not words – wanting to come out of me.

The healing continued on for a few minutes then I descended the stairs back to the real world. This was certainly a healing to remember. Lesley explained that she could feel the sensation of someone cradling her head and she felt the energy flickering also. Her eyes were already clearer and her head had lifted and was not pressurised at all. Following up with her she was 100 per cent better with no headaches, bad vision or fogginess.

I had taped the session as sometimes my guides will speak through me and have messages or advice and its best to have it recorded. I was going to delete it but because of the oddity of the session I thought I would have a quick look. Once the healing started you can see the energy moving around her head and eye area and the moment the energy hit you can see my eyes – almost looks like I’m a bit possessed. I assure you I am not, just lucky enough to be able assist spirit to help people.

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