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Psychic vs Mediumship

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Probably one of the most confused things in spiritual mainstream.

I always see posts on facebook of people asking for recommendations for a good psychic medium. So what are they really after? A psychic read and a mediumship read are worlds apart, but then just to confuse it all a little bit more, all mediums are psychic but not all psychics are mediums - or is that just because they haven't developed it?

Some how I will try to unwind all this in a manner that might make sense or then again could just really add to the confusion.

So what is a psychic read? That is when the reader goes into your aura or your soul. It is a soul to soul reading. They can get insights to what is going on in your world, how you could improve things or your life journey. I don't believe they should be predicting your future, cause hey, there is free will. You can do what you want. Then there is the self fulfilling prophecy. If a psychic tells you such and such is going to happen, then you start creating that, probably unknowingly. Psychics can only see possibilities not certainties.

What I feel psychics are (well good ones anyway) is someone who is more like a counsellor but they just get you! They can give you a bit of a rattle or shake up and steer you in the right direction or to get you out of your own way to allow all the good things in. As an outsider, they can look in and tell you things about yourself.....and then you have an aha moment.

A lot of people go to psychics when they are having trouble in life. They want reassurance that it will all work out. But hey, majority of the time is does.....its what you learn from the lesson that is important. Our lessons are what makes us who we are today. Anyway I will stop harping on about that. Don't be that person that goes to a psychic because they want to know when they will get a boyfriend, go when you need some guidance or self reflection.

If you need to ask a psychic whether to marry so and so, then probably DON'T!

So what is a mediumship read? A medium is a go between the spirit world and the sitter. They make a connection by opening themselves up to the higher frequency or energies that the loved ones passed over vibrate at. The spirit world uses our psychic senses to get the information and messages through to us so we can relay their messages.

Now it starts to get a bit tricky when it comes to things like spirit guides, arch angels and other benevolent souls. My personal experience is that when I communicate with these I also feel their energies the same, so I refer to this as mediumship also. So in a sense, if you are communicating with the spirit world in any form it is mediumship.

Trance healing is also mediumship. I allow my spirit guides to blend their energy with mine and then I act as a go between for the healing to take place. So the healing is coming directly from spirit and I act as a channel for the healing energy.

There is also physical mediumship. This is when a medium after many years of developing work with spirit to create physical phenomena such as rapping, table tipping and direct voice communication.

I hope that clears it up a bit if you are considering going for a reading and what to expect. If the reader is unclear what type of reading they are doing.....ask.

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