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Anxiety Hide & Seek

Recently a lot of my healings have leaned towards people living with anxiety and to top it all off, life have served me up some curve balls, so have had to deal with a bit of it myself.

We hold anxiety in a lot of places in our body. We are all different so what fits for one is not necessarily the same for everybody. But this guide below is a good starting point for your to check out reactions in your body and what I have come to understand through different clients.

Lets face it, we have all had stress and anxiety through different stages of our lives. Recognizing it, calling it out for the bullshit that it is, goes a long way to being able to control it. Get rid of the fear of it. Don't let it control you and control your life.

So lets go hunt this anxiety down....

The mind - the backbone of most of our anxiety, our thoughts ticking over creating our own version of chaos, has two different ways of holding it to us.

The brain fog - This holds our inability to be able to function clearly. Unclear thoughts, distancing from reality, avoidance. This can be a longterm symptom.

The explosive brain - knee jerk reaction to triggers. The brain goes into a state of panic. It can only focus on the trigger. Everything else around your goes into a blur. Low tolerance of any other outside influences. Can cause despair, anger and other extreme emotions. It only stays in this state for a short time before moving through your body to other parts.

The eyes - twitches, similar to a car indicator. It's a warning from your body that things are getting complicated and your body is suffering and holding onto anxiety. Things are going downhill - beware!!

The jaw - I have found this is where people hold their trauma. Easily triggered from here. Your teeth feel like they are about to chatter. You feel cold and almost like you need to hug yourself. A bad case reaction, and your whole body will start to tremor, want to curl up in a small ball, body racking sobbing. Not really much can help when you are in this state - just ride it out. But at least knowing what it is lessens the worry of what the heck is going on.

The shoulders - holds all our worries. Our what ifs. Tightening muscles, going up into our neck also. Stretch it out. Stand tall. Difficult to not feel more confident with our head tall. Fake it till you make it, and your body will respond.

The heart - has two holding cells. There is your physical heart and also your spiritual heart.

Physical heart - we hold our anxiety of time, needing to get things done, not being good enough and putting to much expectation on ourselves. Our heart will do backflips and flutters to let us know, hey pay attention. Basically, you've put your body into overdrive. Your mind is the nasty behind this one. Slow it down, breathe.

Spiritual heart - this is were you store your loss, your grief, your sadness. Your anxiety goes deep here and filters out to all those other holding places. It's almost like you have a heavy heart feeling, a tightness that goes throughout your whole body.

The stomach - people say your stomach holds your gut instincts. Whilst this is true, during times of stress and anxiety, it holds your emotions. They swirl around in there causing upheaval. If you are trying to make decisions while your stomach is in turmoil - DON'T or your emotions will lead the way rather than your intuition.

There are more places where anxiety likes to hide out, but these are the major ones. So how to fix it? Well its different for everyone. A good start is meditation, so that you can get to know your own body and your own thoughts. I know meditation is supposed to quieten your thoughts but it is amazing what pops up when all else is silent.

Knowing the reason behind your anxiety, if it just an obvious case, goes a long way towards curing it. It is not always caused by our day to day lives. Some other reasons that anxiety may be lurking around are past lives, surroundings and other external sources. Sometimes it's just life lessons given to us, so we have agreed to this shit before we incarnated!

Need help? Let my team of guides and healers help you.

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