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Angela, Angela, Who the f**k is Angela?

Angela is one of my spirit guides. She is my gate keeper and my teacher.

We all have guides. Some come and go and some hang around. If you want to progress along your spiritual path – the first step is to look inwards. Quieten your world down and ask “Who’s there?”.

They aren’t there to boss you around but to nudge you in the right direction. They are there to provide you with unconditional love and support. To grow a rapport with and they are your team on the other side.

I won’t bore you with all the ins and outs of spirit guides, but I will introduce you to mine.

Angela first came to me in a lucid dream. I was in a market place and there was an an Italian lady with a buxom figure and grey hair up in a bun. She was watching me and I felt like I knew her, like she was an old school teacher or something similar. I couldn’t remember her name and I was asking everyone around me and they didn’t know either. I was too embarrassed to ask her directly because I should have known.

After waking, I just knew that this was a spiritual dream and that I had just met one of my guides. It was just deep in my gut that I knew.

I decided to name her Anna. A few weeks later she came to me in my meditation and politely told me it was Angela. I had been told! I suppose Angela is appropriate – it means Messenger of God in Italian.

So, Angela likes to jabber on a lot. She probably has a lot to tell me after me ignoring her for years. I certainly have progressed at lightning speed since we have established a relationship.

The funniest thing is she has given me a “safe” word or action actually. My previous, long ago psychotic break, does niggle me a little tad. If at any stage I feel unsafe or uncomfortable while deep in meditation or trance – I just have to blink twice and shake my head and she will bring me straight out. And it works. Even now, I can surface from the depths very quickly with a clear mind. I have absolute trust in her. She has my back.

My second guide is my Nanna. Her name is Thelma but known as Maude. So I will refer to her that way from now on. She is my medium guide (she had the gift herself but did not acknowledge it in her life). She comes in to my awareness when I am doing readings and I feel her energy sitting above me to the left. We work together progressing my mediumship. Hopefully she is sorting all the spirit world out before they come through to me so they know how I work and how best to communicate things to me. She was well organised and a bit bossy in real life so I am sure she is well suited to this job.

My newest guide is Te Wairoa. (TeWa for short) I have written about my introduction to him in a previous blog “A message delivered”. He is a Maori master and we are still getting to know each other. He has a duality about him. He is my access to universal knowledge and he also has great healing powers.

I can ask him anything about how it all works and he has the answers. Well as much as he will tell me anyway.

I asked him about my daughter Jasmine, who was stillborn. I see her at the foot of my bed at times. She always looks to be around six or seven. He said her soul has split and that she watches over me and her soul has also returned to me as my youngest son. He walks with a foot in both worlds.

Well that’s my team at the moment. There could be others loitering around that haven’t made themselves known to me.

I have been doing some work with a mentor learning to recognise and blend with their energy. We ask them to step in to our auric field and then to leave and you can literally feel the energy suck out.

I have asked them to give me a definitive way of recognising them. When I ask them to come I feel Angela’s energy in my heart radiating out. Maude comes in from my side and sends tingling across my shoulder blades and TeWa comes to me from directly above. His energy is powerful and i feel it start at the top and heads down my spine. My head moves down also.

Now as I work with spirit I call on them all to help and I can feel them all step in to my field at the same time. It is an awesome feeling. Beyond describable.

So now I say “Thank f**k for Angela”

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