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I've been keeping a secret!

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Well… I’m not real good at keeping secrets, so for most of you its a secret. Five months today a new chapter began, and today I announce it – I am a medium.

Or as one of my mentors describes it a “baby” medium. I’ve got my “L” plates on but heading towards my “P’s” at an accelerated pace. Two weeks ago I joined an online platform that allows me to do readings with fellow mediums worldwide, leading up to becoming an “intermediate” medium giving readings to real life people as guinea pigs.

How did this happen?

I emailed a spiritual development mentor on another matter, seeing if she would take me on as a student. (that's an even bigger doozy of a secret yet to be revealed)

The first week was introducing me to all the basics. Learning about chakras and the 5 clairs and she taught me how to sit in the power and raise my vibration and most importantly about grounding.

The following week she once again talked me through raising my vibration – then said right now I want you to do a reading for me. Nothing like being thrown in the deep end. Settled my nerves, then just started saying what I was sensing. Initially it was so subtle, almost like a whisper. So subtle, that it could be easily missed. Surely I was just making this up. But no, I was describing one of her relatives and she was verifying what I brought through. I was dumbfounded.

And so it went on. I practised more with her and then on to some of her fellow students. I was reading multitude of books, watching multitude of You Tube videos. Whatever I could do to learn more. I was hooked.

So for the past 5 months I have been sitting in circles, attending more trainings, doing readings, sitting in the power, learning, learning, learning and meeting some fantastic people. Mediums are the most generous and supporting people with helping to develop other mediums.

I have a new family, a spiritual village of people as we all learn together, not just mediumship but all things spiritual. We cheer each other on and I am so grateful to them.

The most important thing to me is that I am an evidential medium. This means that I bring through evidence pertaining to that person so the sitter knows that it is them. Not something i could possible know or vague that could relate to anyone. I am working hard and digging deeper and merging with spirit to bring through their personalities and traits.

Everyday I learn something new. New symbols – and what I decipher them to mean. I work with my guides to customise how we can communicate different things with spirit. My mediumship guide is my Nanna, she kept her abilities hidden all her life and the generations before her.

So, all those years ago she was showing me a hint. She was preparing me with all those early morning wake ups where it felt I was being embraced by spirit. I have peace in my heart and I know I was born to be a medium


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