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Who am I? What is this?

I am me. I am a business owner. I am a partner. I am a mother of three and surrogate mother to more. I am a community leader. I am a straight shooter and a darn good person.

Getting back my peace of mind. Going towards my peace of mind.

I will share some major life milestones and how they have shaped me. A psychotic break – yeah that’s going to leave a lasting impression on who I am. Shit happens then you get over it.

Covid has slowed us all down, so finally spent sometime getting back to my spiritual roots. This blog is a place for me to keep you all up to date with the weird and wacko experiences that have been coming my way. Where is it all heading? No idea! I'm just along for the ride.

I will try to post each week, time allowing. Some will be about what is currently happening and some will be catching you up on my past. Some will be from me and some will be channeled from my spirit guide. You’ll learn more about her later on. She is the pushing force behind me moving forward in my new spiritual works. Even if I tried, I don't think she would shut up!!

I believe everyone should have their own truths with what resonates with them. What sits right with me may not be necessarily be someone else’s cup of tea. Take what you want but have an open mind. And if you see me, don't cross the street because you think I’ve lost my mind, I am perfectly okay.

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